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XV. Treasures Of The Ancient World
Danger and adventure in a more modern world.
The year is 3500 AA, and civilization has come to the world of Geas.
Magic, once seen as a mysterious and powerful arcane force is now outdated. Unneeded even. The archaic and obscure practices of the past are frowned upon... even considered hokey. In a world free of war and strife, even the healing magics of the Gods are in decline.
Technology rules the landscape now. Mighty galleons 40 guns strong and flintlock firearms are commonplace. The mighty battle axe and the deadly long sword have given way to more civilized rapiers and honorable combat practices, used more for sport than anything else.
Sellador is no longer the mighty empire it once was. Northern Sellador is much as it always was; ruled by King Aldaric Verdain III, it is a land of quiet rolling farm lands and the devote people of the Church of Aesia. The central portion of the the Selladorian lands is occupied by the Republic of Sellador, controlled by a council of Lords.
Southern Sellador is once more known as Gideon, and is controlled by the merchant class, rich men with more money and power than they know what to do with.
The United Principalities have grown from what was once the Free Nations. Still defended by The Red Legion, the only democratic state in the world stands as a Bastion of freedom and bravery, just as it always has.
Despite the advances of the modern world reaching every civilized corner of the land, our story starts in Gideon, where a group of talented individuals is brought together by Hendrick Lancaster, a merchant of no small wealth or influence, for a singular mission; hunt down and return to him artifacts from ages past, so he might turn them into profit for collectors... or whoever will pay the best price. This group takes their name from the inn over which they keep their rooms; The Explorers of the Laughing Mermaid.
They're not the only treasure hunters in the world though, and danger seems to stalk their every footstep. Is it just another day in the life of a world class finder of ancient artifacts? Or is there something more sinister at work in the world?
Times have changed... but with the mysterious disappearance of the elves from the face of the world, dark dealings have been set in motion. The world may soon find itself in need of heroes once more.

This campaign was based primarily in Geas.
Takes Place During: 3500 AA.

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald