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Quick On The Draw, Sure To End Up Dead.
Gunslingers need a longer fuse, or less ammunition.
I have now been working for Lancaster imports for a few weeks, it seems he's letting us get to know one another a bit before sending us down the road. I've been handling odd jobs for him around town, and making some connections of my own. We were just given our first real assignment, and now I know who I will be working with. Mab, a crazy alchemist woman, literally, just crazy. A young archaeologist by the name of Anna Jones, A good Dwarven cleric by the name of Coal, or however he spells it, and lastly a hotheaded gunslinger name of Nico. I say hotheaded because he tends to get into fights over the smallest things, no not me, but any little slight he perceives. Tonight we got together for a final hurrah downstairs, and we minding out own business. A rather loud obnoxious fellow came over, and was drunk as the customers here typically are. Now yes the man asked some pointed questions about our new job, and where we were going, but I have no idea why Nico's gun had to be out, and certainly not why he had to shoot the woman who was with the man. They are sure to be enemies to us now, and I feel we will in time need all the friends we can get. I tried to calm things down, speaking to their Dwarf in his own tongue, and not cutting anyone, but to no avail. The fight ended with little enough true bloodshed, but I am certain our next encounter will not be so lucky. This last drink I have before we depart, I drink it in hopes that our journey will go smoothly, and that Nico will find a holster for his temper as well as that firearm of his.

Associated Regions: Allstone, Sellador
From the journal of Beanobious (Bean) Widgits

Contributor: Joey Zilka