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An Island Apart
Unexpected shore time, unexpected troubles.

Just back to the ship after an impromptu trip ashore. Our sea voyage was unexpectedly made longer due to some weather, and so we spotted a well forested island, and the Captain sent a party shore. A few hours later they returned to the boat, minus the first mate, plus many others, and with some unattractive wounds. The Captain asked my friends and I to go ashore to see if we could rescue the first mate, who is like a son to him. Of course we took him up on it, I think we all were looking forward to some adventure by this point. Once ashore we found the trail easily enough, which led to a cave. In the cave there was a troupe of some sort of fish people. They had the first mate tied up, and who knows what they were doing to him, in any case, they attacked us, we fought back, and we won. I must say Rico was much better behaved this time around, perhaps he just needs to be outside of a city to cool off. Anna performed outstanding as well, and Coal did his job quite well. We rescued the First mate, and found some Ancient Atman Temples, along with a couple of artifacts, and some gems, which we can sell at our destination to outfit ourselves before Mr. Lancaster's treasure hunt truly begins. No sign of our friends from last time yet, but I'm sure they are out there. So far the five of us are getting along well enough, probably because my fingers have kept to themselves so far. Ah well, off the get some more rest before we get to port in another few days. Going to be so nice to get back on my cycle again.

Associated Regions: Sellador, Curmeah
From the journal of Beanobious (Bean) Widgits

Contributor: Joey Zilka