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An alchemist slighthy obsessed with setting things on fire.
Mab is an alchemist who began learning the craft at a young age. Her mother, a sorceress named Rowan, began taking lessons from her good friend Mavric, and would bring her daughter along to learn as well. Some say this is the reason that Mab is not exactly the sanest person. Though whether it was from exposure to such caustic reagents so young, or the extended company of Mavric himself, they can't agree. Still others say it may be inherited as Rowan herself had quite the...eccentric personality. Whatever the initial cause of her madness, it got a lot worse when she and her mother mysteriously disappeared.

One morning their house was discovered burnt to ashes and no signs of the two women were found. They were both assumed dead until a couple weeks later when Mab turned back up in town. When asked what happened, or where her mother was, it was like she didn't even hear the questions being asked. Its unclear if she remembers and refuses to speak on it, or has absolutely no memory of what happened.

Mavric took Mab in, and for the past few years shes been living with him and helping out in his shop until recently, when he suggested she go out in the world and have adventures like her mother did at her age. He pointed her in the direction of Lancaster Imports, known for its procurement of rare objects from strange and far away places. And so Mab begins her career as an artifact seeker.

Mab is of average height and build, with brown eyes and normally unruly brown hair. For the past few years though, her hair changes periodically into the most unusual colors and styles.

Alignment: CN
Race: Human
Mab is a member of the The Explorers Of The Laughing Mermaid

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Contributor: Randi Cuykendall