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Minazugi was born of the Baruk-Azhik goblin clan at the base of the Three Peaks mountains. Having been born with blue skin, he was already treated as an outcast before discovering he had latent mystical abilities. Following a particularly bad beating by some of his peers, he began uttering phrases in a bizarre, evil sounding language while his wounds began visibly healing themselves. This event ultimately led to his exile from his clan with little more than the clothes on his back.

Minazugi spent several years wandering the wilds alone, barely surviving, with only his untrained healing powers keeping him alive at the worst of times. Eventually he discovered a wandering group of outcasts that drew his attention. They called themselves The Sons of Serenity. He spent several weeks tracking and observing them before finally approaching them. They welcomed him openly and he soon felt like he had found a new family.

Several years passed. Minazugi was happy. The Sons helped him learn to control his powers and how to use them to help others. He learned how to use his evil tongue for good. He was able to amass a small amount of coin and magical items by bartering his abilities. This was the life he liked living.

Nothing in life is permanent and eventually all things must come to an end. Minazugi's life with The Sons came to a violent end the day the slender man appeared. It happened so fast that he still can't recall the events. All he remembers is seeing his face, followed by screams and then darkness. When he awoke, his family was dead, thier tents in ruins, and he was once again alone.

Alignment: CG
Race: Goblin
Place of Origin: Three Peaks
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Contributor: Alec Beardsley