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City of monsters
Founded by an orc warlord of the same name, the city of Valkith is the seat of an empire of monstrous humanoids ruled with an iron fist, fierce devotion of its people, fear of the human nations who drove the native races from their lands, and a sense of industry born of survivalism.


The fortress city of Valkith is nestled in the crook of two of the ranges larges mountains, and extends deep within those peaks, forming a deep system of buildings and housing in the Underdark below the surface.


Religion in Valkith is strongly associated with each of the races that came to the city, however a few deities were worshiped by multiple races or have been adopted since the founding of the city. Because of this mixing of cultures Valkith is a city of many gods compared to the few - or the one - of Sallador.

Important Events

3025 AA: The battle of Roerihm Pass. The combined might of the armies of Gideon and Sellador repelled the Black Hand orcs led by warlord Valkith. The scattered survivors found their way south and east, across the mountains and into the Free Nations.

3031 AA: The city of Valkith founded. Valkith's tribe had grown and assimilated most of the orcs already living in the Broken Peaks, as well as a fair few of the goblinoid races that dwelled therein. Valkith founded a fortress city, named it after himself, and established the Bloodskull Barony.

3032 AA: Warlord Valkith is challenged and killed by his own son, Ulm, in a brutal melee that ended the lives of nearly all of the old guard. Ulm One-Eye now sits as the Baron of the Bloodskull.

3033 AA: "The First Great Decree" - Ulm declares that conflict amongst the races of the Barony is not allowed and punishable by death. The true enemy are the invading forces of mankind.

3036 AA: Charock, the keep of the city of Valkith, is completed after tremendous efforts and forced hard labor by the tribes of the Barony. Ulm takes his place upon the Black Throne.

3037 AA: "The Second Great Decree" - The church of Azatoth, lord of Chaos, and all its adherents are eliminated after a failed move against the rulership of the Barony. Ulm decrees that there is no earthly power more supreme than the Barony.

3041 AA: "The Third Great Decree" - Ulm declares that the barony needs more warriors to fuel an army of vengeance. Having children is encouraged and incentivized. The population of the Barony rises rapidly after this point.

3048 AA: Valkith becomes a true fortress city upon a mountain as the outer walls are completed.

3055 AA: Ulm One-Eye, not wanting to once again tempt destruction at the hands of mankind, had directed his orcish hordes to either subjugate or co-opt the other monstrous tribes of the Kaldir Crown Mountains and the surrounding lands. The legions of monsters who now follow the banner of the Bloodskull are greater and more vast than any human of the Free Nations could imagine. Using the combined skills of each of the races a series of outposts have been established in secret along the borders of human lands. From these outposts great underground lairs are being constructed, places from which the multitudes can issue forth when the time is right and claim the lands of eastern Sellador for a new Bloodskull Empire...

3056 AA: The children of the third decree begin to come of age. Valkith is crowded with young adults of multiple races.

Inhabitants: Orc, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Ogre, Gnoll, Kobold
Regions located within Valkith include Blackmount, Kingsmount, Krakens Maw, The Anvil Of Agrashe, The Boiling Lake, The Hammersea, The High Mountains
Valkith is located in Bloodskull Barony

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen