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Ancient White Dragon-God of Despair
Kalix is the kobold manifestation of the ancient evil white dragon Kalidrax.

To the kobolds, he is a deity of despair, of the hopelessness of the middle of winter, when it seems that there is no respite in sight. He is the menace of a year's worth of preparation lost in failed or destroyed harvests.

He is also the manifestation of menace, violence, and of terrible vengeance.

Because Kalidrax hails from the far north of Argusund, to almost all kobold communities he was no more than a far-off nightmare, a bogey-story to frighten kobold youngsters. It is the tale of the white horror, who swoops down from the north at whiles to exact wanton destruction and death to those who don't offer him the only respect that matters: fear.

Alignment: NE
Races who worship Kalix are Kobold
Kalix is worshipped in Argusund
Kalix is the god of Despair, Winter, Vengeance, And Destruction
Clerical Domains: Despair, Winter, Vengeance, Destruction
Kalix is a member of the Kobold Pantheon

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz