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Book Of Twilight
The secrets of the Shadow Demons

Written by the fallen angel Aram, the Book of Twilight is a sentient and evil tome which contains forbidden knowledge and terrible secrets about the Shadow Demons, a faction of The Hells banished to The Plane Of Shadow after a failed bid to take control of the infernal realms.

One chapter describes The Bleak Ones, specially chosen shadow demons who devour the life of the world in a bid to weaken the foundations of reality.

In his youth the kobold Nibar snuck into the basement of Madroc And Modrocs Myriad Mysteries and read a few pages from the book. The experience changed him, sealing forbidden knowledge in his young mind and filling him with a sense of dread.

Years later, when Nibar returned to Valkith in the autumn of 3058 AA the spirit of the book was stirred to terrible ghostly life. Haunting the back alleys and drinking the thoughts of its victims, it went on a killing spree... looking for the words stolen from its pages.

The book possessed the body of Hoenhiem but was eventually driven out via ritual exorcism, with assistance of Chief Inquisitor Imrijka, at the Temple Of The Betrayers.

The book is currently in the possession of the Inquisition of Valkith for safe keeping.

Alignment: NE
Book Of Twilight was created by Shawn Nicolen

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen