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Temple Of The Betrayers
In 3037 AA the church of Azatoth, lord of Chaos, made a bid to dismantle the rule of Valkith in the name of their god. They were defeated after a long a bloody night of fighting. After this all followers of Azatoth were found and killed and their temple razed. King Ulm then issued the Second Great Decree of Valkith: "there is no earthly power more supreme than the Barony."

Since then the ruins stand as a monument to the absolute rule of Valkith. It is expressly forbidden by order of the high inquisitor for anyone to visit the ruins. In truth the inquisition uses the ruins to conduct strange rituals and exorcisms. Any rumors that the strange midnight chanting and otherworldly lights stir only serve to further convince the inhabitants of the city that there are still insidious activities afoot, reinforcing the need for the inquisition.

The ruins of the temple lie on the edge of Blackmount overlooking The Hammersea, resting upon the precipice of the sheer drop to The Black Cliffs.

Associated regions include The Black Cliffs
Temple Of The Betrayers is located in Blackmount

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen