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Pass Of The Roerihm
Mountain pass watched over by ancient sentinels.
The Pass of the Roerihm lies in the central section of the Border Mountains between Sellador and Gideon. Though one of the easier of the mountain passes to navigate, few travellers willingly use the Roerihm due to the ancient ruins which stretch for nearly a mile though the highest part of the pass.

On either side of the passes Peak stand giant statues, nearly 40 or 50 feet tall. They are each different, though all share a Common theme. Men, most of whom are old and bearded, with their arms folded and their eyes cast to the pass below. Indeed, in old Common Roerihm could easily translate to "the old/wise men".

In the center of the pass lie the remains of a huge gate, carved from the very stone of the mountain itself. The fragments of the gate still lie strewn about the pass, as if a great and sudden force shattered the gate ages ago.

In truth, the statues of Roerihm were carved by dwarves in an age long past, though this is a tale yet to be discovered.

Pass Of The Roerihm is located in Border Mountains

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen