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Zachary Gold
Orphaned Young, Trained in Arcane Magic, Friend of a Dragon
A Human Wizard, His first memories are of wandering the streets in some city of the Shattered Kingdoms. He was young, so young. He could move fast though, and was quiet, and studious. Picked up by a group of Tradesmen, taken on to feed and wash the horse's, taking care of odd jobs. He spent several years traveling around in such a manner. He has no idea who his parents are. After several years of traveling, he gained the notice of a novice spellcaster, who mentioned him to a friend, and word got around. One day Sibyl came to him, found him, and took him to Tranquility. There he began to be tested on different tasks. No good with a sword, or a Bow, Unable to track, or heal, eventually it was determined he would learn the arcane arts. There not being any Magic users typically in Tranquility, he as he always had, learned from those who traveled through the city on their way to here and there. Befriending the two largest and best fighters who were also children there seemed only intelligent to him. And so Zack has begun his time in the world at large.

Alignment: LN
Race: Human
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Contributor: Joey Zilka