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A New Friend?
Dragonkin, are maybe too much for us, unless we have a dragon up our sleeve.

So, we're heading North, avoiding the desolation, going through towns, and trying to avoid trouble, but that doesn't seem to work so well when you're walking with a Lady who is over six feet tall, and carries a sword as long as she is. One would assume however that having such company, her, Ann, and our friend Alwhin, another tall elf, with a large bow, would keep a spell caster safely out of harms way. Not so! I tell you, these two aren't so much sponges for damage, as simply targets for it. Luck is with us though, we've made it nearly to our destination, and now we have an interesting addition to our party. While wandering through a canyon, or crevice, depending on how you look at it. We came upon some blue Dragonkin. Not nice creatures let me assure you. My companions being who they are, charged ahead, and began to attack. Not doing too well, I was trying to help as I could, but once they went down I was sure I would fall as well. Then, out of nowhere a little bronze glittering spark flies out of nowhere,and begins attacking the dragonkin. I did what I could to aid him, namely getting my friends back on their feet. After that, we realized we had met a bronze Dragon hatchling. The cave we had wandered upon that the Dragonkin were pilfering was a nesting sight. Momma dragon was nowhere around, which has me perplexed. However Bolt as we now call him seems enamored of us, and has taken to following us around. I see this as a great chance to learn about these fascinating creatures, and also to gain a powerful friend. I know it will be a while before we don't have to look after him, but I believe any effort now on our part will pay off in spades in the years to come.

From the journal of Zachary Gold

Contributor: Joey Zilka