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The Golden Hall
A place for visitors to the positive energy plane
The Golden Hall is a sort of demiplane which exists upon the border of the positive energy plane, also known as the Plane Of Life. Its unknown who crafted the Golden Hall, but it serves as a meeting place or point of access for powerful spellcasters or inhabitants of the Kingdoms Of Faerie interested in meeting the inhabitants of the positive energy plane or studying it without being exposed directly to its adverse affects.

The demiplane appears to be a grand ballroom gilded in golden leaf and shimmering brass. Dazzling chandeliers hang over perfectly polished marble floors which reflect over-saturated colors of objects nearby. Brilliant white light which shines in from tall arched windows as if from an impossibly bright summer day. Any attempt to physically leave the hall will lead to the blinding and dangerous brilliance of the positive energy plane.

The Golden Hall is haunted by the potential and echoes of lives yet to be exist. Strange figures in resplendent garb dance at the edge of vision and sometimes the distant and indistinct sounds of laughter or ballroom music may be heard.

Here only minor-positive traits are dominant instead of the more dangerous major positive energy traits of the positive energy plane itself.

In many ways this place echoes the desolation and ruin of The Iron Chapel, a demiplane neighboring the Plane Of Death.

Associated regions include The Iron Chapel
The Golden Hall is located in Plane Of Life

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen