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The Iron Chapel
A neighboring demiplane to the plane of death
The Iron Chapel is a sort of demiplane which exists upon the border of the negative energy plane, also known as the Plane Of Death. Its unknown who crafted the Iron Chapel, but it serves as a meeting place or point of access for powerful entities interested in meeting the inhabitants of the negative energy plane or studying it without being exposed directly to its adverse affects.

The demiplane appears to be a ruined chapel bound in iron and cold grey stone. No iconography remains, making it impossible to tell which deity this church once served, if any. It is cold here, and breath chills the lungs like the coldest night air of winter. There is no native light source; any which are brought into this place flickers as a dim sort of grey candlelight, cold and indistinct as the light in the hours before the rising of the sun. There are arched windows facing outward into the infinite nothing, broken shards of stained glass echo a window that once might have been but is now only sealed by partially rusted iron straps and fragments of shattered boards, as if the chapel was once boarded up against a siege.

The Iron Chapel is haunted by many ghosts; strange distant grinding or muttering noises and manifestations happen frequently and encounters with the restless dead trapped on the negative energy plane can lead to violence.

Here only minor-negative traits are dominant instead of the more dangerous major negative energy traits of the negative energy plane itself.

In many ways this place echoes the brilliance and glory of The Golden Hall, a demiplane neighboring the Plane Of Life.

Associated regions include The Golden Hall
The Iron Chapel is located in Plane Of Death

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen