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Furies Of Valkith
Masters of the Elements in a Land of Monsters
The elemental forces of Valkith are represented by one of its people, known as the Furies. The power of each is drawn from the forces of earth, water, air, or fire, and each fury has absolute mastery over their element. While each fury is controls their power they are in turn also controlled by it - making their gifts seem at times like a curse.

The Furies, while revered and often consulted by the rulers of the city in times of need, are granted no special political power or land ownership rights inherent to their position. However, as beings of incredible power and influence, they have little trouble achieving such privilege, if it interests them to do so, on their own. It is exceedingly rare for a Fury to take any interest in purely political matters, as their own interests and that of their element cause them to view such matters as lesser concerns when compared to matters of elemental and multiversal importance.

Each Fury can manifest a small crystal in which is contained the power of their element in the form of a dimensional rift between this plan and that of their respective element. These crystals can be used to pass their power on to a new Fury, granting them the title and station that comes with such power.

The Furies Of Valkith operate in Valkith

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen