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Uncharted Shores
Unlikely heroes join a fleet of ships in search of fabled Stormkeep

Humans have long feared the sea, but the age of exploration has at come at last to Sellador, led by a visionary young prince.

Solun Verdain, youngest of the royal line of the human lands, turns his eye toward the uncharted western sea. What new lands and discoveries await just beyond the horizon? What riches await the bold in the unknown beyond?

There are other rumors, worst-kept secrets that no one is supposed to know and therefore everyone is aware. There are old tales of a city in the sky: a wandering, ghostly castle seen by some sailors on the open sea during great storms or fog over the past few generations - the floating island they refer to as the Stormkeep.

Recently, scholars of the Allstone College of Wizardry have proposed a theory - that these old sea stories are telling of an artifact from ancient Atma that allows great structures to defy the pull of the world and take to the skies. An example of such a power is well known in recent history, as great heroes of past generations have made use of a mighty airship that let them sail the skies, unfettered by limitations of the world below. These tales of a floating castle... Is it possible that the power of ancient Atma is there, adrift in the skies of seas west of Sellador, waiting to be rediscovered?

The campaign begins in the Thistle and Pig, a tavern in a less reputable neighborhood of Allstone just upwind of the fishing docks.

This is a human-centric campaign with strong nautical and exploration themes.

This campaign was based primarily in Sellador, Lochlainn.
Takes Place During: 3108 AA.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen