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Temporal Plane
The domain of time, possibility, and sequence
The Temporal Plane is the realm of time and possibility. It is the home of Ethrendor, the elven god of magic and time.

The Temporal Plane was, for a short while, the home of Thanandir, the capital of Tel-Tenauril. In 2988 AA powerful magics were enacted to move Thanandir here in a state of temporal stasis as a means of avoiding destruction at the hands of a herald of Naresh. It remained here for several years of relative time until The Fellowship Of The Dark Shards caused it to return to the material realm in 3025, ushering in a new age of hope for the elven people.

Yet, in the temporal plane, events are interspersed in strange ways; cause does not always lead to effect. An echo of Thanandir still remains here, a reflection of causality that holds no sway in this place of silvery light and eternal mists.

The chronomancer, a wizard who has mastered the art of manipulating temporal forces, dwells here in a place known as the Chronomance.

Associated regions include Thanandir
Regions located within Temporal Plane include Chronomance, Timeless Durance
Temporal Plane is located in Planar Cosmology

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen