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The capital of Tel-Tenauril.

The forested mountain of Thanandir is the capital city of the elven nation of Tel-Tenauril and home to the elven king.

In 2988 a comet, one of the heralds of Naresh, the god of destruction, fell upon Thanandir. It was thought to be completely destroyed; only a crater remained. During this time the elven people were overcome by great sorrow and the nation fell into a malaise.

It was in 3024 AA that the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards that stumbled upon the truth - through the power of elven high magic Suzara was able to suspend the entire of the palace in time, shifting it to the Temporal Plane and saving it from ruin. With great effort the fellowship was able to restore it to the material plane. It appeared in the exact space it had been in before the impact, only now there was no cliff, only a crater. The city now floats in the air above the crater, held aloft by ancient magics and the force of time.

The eternal blessed waterfalls of the palace soon filled the hollow below transforming it into a lake of pure water. Here the palace has remained, floating over a beautiful lake, a reminder to the elven people of their unconquerable power and spirit.

The city of Thanindiel lies on the eastern edge of the lake, providing transport to the mystical city floating above.

Inhabitants: Elf
Associated regions include Tel-Tenauril
Thanandir is located in Tel-Anoril

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen