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Fertile green lands torn between law and chaos.

"The early morning sun casts a gray light upon the land. It is here, in the mists of the pre-dawn hour, that the veil between the world of spirits and the world of men grows thin. Ah, An-da-shealladh! Aes Sidhe draw near!"
From The Tale of Lord Dougal

Once known as Arandir, Lochlainn is one of the "barbarian lands" of the Shattered Kingdoms that arose after the fall of the Atman Empire, though, thanks to the influence of the elven expatriates known as the Arlantil in 1453 AA, its culture is different from those lands in many important ways. The name Lochlainn means "many lakes" in a variation of the old Common tongue.

In 1286 a comet, on of the heralds of Naresh, struck Lochlainn, tearing the already fragile planar fabric of the area even further. Where once there was lush, green valleys there became only blasted, muddy wasteland. For several dozen years the north of Lochlainn was raved by the energies of the Chaos Gate untill the breach was finally sealed in 3027 AA by the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear.

Recommended Prestige Classes

Alcolyte of the Skin
Candle Caster
King / Queen of the Wild (Hills)
King / Queen of the Wild (Plains)
Knight of the Chalice
Mystic Wanderer
Verdant Lord

Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Artaios, Arandir
Regions located within Lochlainn include Aberbrothock, Galiad, Lonial Mountains, Lorenc, The Waste
Lochlainn is located in Geas

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen