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The frontier between the surface and the terrors below.
The dwarves of dwelt in Citadel for untold generations, plumbing the depths of the earth for its riches, delving into the darkest regions of the far below.

As the ages went by the dwarves discovered terrible things lurking in the far underside of the world. Ancient terrors which are better left alone. Secrets that should remain so.

Thus was built the Undergates. a series of massive doors and looping passages designed to keep the horrors that dwell in the deep world from finding their way to the surface.

The uppermost gates are guarded at all times be a small contingent of dwarven warriors, ever watchful that something unbidden might find its way to their world and breach the ancient vaults that have, so far, kept them safe.

Associated regions include Citadel
Undergates is located in Underdark

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen