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Whispering Vault
Unknown terrors lie trapped beyond its ancient seal.
In eons long past the Deep Ones of Rilayeh sealed some ancient terror away behind a massive door known as the Whispering Vault, so named for the psychic "whispers" that invade the minds of any that draw near.

No one but the Deep Ones know what lies beyind the great seal of the vault, but everyone can feel the aura of sheer terror that surrounds it. This aura has protected the vaults secrets for untold thousands of years... and will hopefully protect them untill the end of time.

Amongst the Zanathae it is said that should the Whispering Vault ever be opened that the world will come to an end, that the horrors contained on the other side will drive the world into eternal madness. Needless to say, most Zanathae are loathe to go anywhere near the Whispering Vault's massive gates.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen