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Boddynok Jinglypockets Tinkermaker
Father of all gnomes
The gnome known as Boddynok Jinglypockets Tinkermaker was originally an adventurer from a far off world. In -1000 AA his airship plunged from a portal in the sky, coming to a horrible crash landing in the middle of the fledgling human kingdoms.

There were only two people on the airship at the time; Boddynok the gnome and a woman named Lillith who bore fiendish ancestry.

Attempting to make his way through this odd new world in which he found himself, Boddynok took it upon himself to teach the primitive humans he found the ways of magic.

Though his true passion lay in the construction of devices, he soon found himself lost amid the myriad arcane formulae which, in teaching the humans the way of magic, he had discovered for himself.Though the gnomes credit Boddynok with teaching the humans the secrets of the arcane arts, in reality he just gave them a strong push in the right direction. Magic was known in the humans lands, but its study was backward and locked deep within the rituals of mysticism.Still, as much as he enjoyed teaching he began to grow lonely. At a time when he felt his students had begun to surpass their teacher Boddynok left for a quiet corner of the world, a small forested region, devoid of major human settlements, to the north of the Citadel mountains.Faced with the challenge of forging a new life on the frontier, Boddynok set about constructiing a home for himself. It was during this time that Boddynok and Lillith had several children together. These children, though gnomes, bore within themselves the fiendish heritage of their mother. These gnomes were the progenitors of the tiefling subrace of the gnomish species.

As time wore on Lillith began to grow old. Boddynok came from a race of gnomes who were long lived, and he watched as his wife passed on one dark and stormy night.In his own way, Boddynok grieved the loss of his dearest love. He threw himself into his inventions and the teaching of his children.Boddynok grew ancient, and he was able to see his children marry into various dwarven clans. He grew to see, and deeply care for, three generations of gnomes before he finally passed away on a calm spring evening.Boddynoks children passed on tales of their ancestors exploits to their own children. As the centuries passed, these tales grew in both length and extravagance.

Begining as a sort of ancestor worship, Boddynoks following eventually developed into an informal church. Common passtimes of clerics of Boddynok include the construction of stories built upon the foundations of the supposed exploits of their illustrious ancestor. It is in this way that Boddynok became the father of all gnomes on Geas. Several of his children have gone on to become deities in their own right, ultimately forming a pantheon of gnomes which Boddynok is proud to call his own.

Tiefling gnomes who become clerics of Boddynok are encouraged to take the halfling domain rather than the gnome domain.

Alignment: CG
Races who worship Boddynok Jinglypockets Tinkermaker are all gnome races
Boddynok Jinglypockets Tinkermaker is worshipped in Boddendell
Boddynok Jinglypockets Tinkermaker is the god of Hapless Luck, Adventure, Family, Home
Clerical Domains: Gnome, Halfling, Luck, Good, Craft, Community
Boddynok Jinglypockets Tinkermaker is a member of the Aeonae Modus, Gnomish Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen