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Dwarven highfather lord of magic and creation.
The highest of all dwarven deities, Evendour is the highfather of the Dwarven Pantheon, the lord and master of the dwarven race.

Evendour is the dwarven aspect of the deity of magic, destiny, and time that is present in almost every single racial pantheon on Geas. Though each are seperate entities, they are still simply different faces of a greater primal force. They almost always work together, but have at times come into conflict with eachother when their interests came into opposition.

Amongst the dwarves Evendour is most often simply called the Artificer.

Evendour is known as Aranor amongst the humans, Evendar Timekeeper amongst the gnomes, and Ethrendor amongst the elves. Evendours favored weapon is the warhammer.

Alignment: LG
Races who worship Evendour are all dwarven races
Evendour is worshipped in Citadel, Uruluk
Evendour is the god of Imbuing Of Magic, Magical Weapons And Armor
Clerical Domains: Dwarf, Artifice, Spell, Rune, War
Evendour is a member of the Aeonae Modus, Dwarven Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen