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Evendar Timekeeper
Gnomish keeper of time.
Evendar Timekeeper is the gnomish aspect of the deity of magic, destiny, and time that is present in almost every single racial pantheon on Geas. Though each are seperate entities, they are still simply different faces of a greater primal force. They almost always work together, but have at times come into conflict with eachother when their interests came into opposition.

Evendar is known as Evendour the Artificer amongst the dwarves, Ethrendor to the elves, and has been known as Aranor the Sage and Jerick the Walker amongst the humans.

Evendar was born from the gnomish deity Boddynok in an act of devine inspiration. As much as Evendar represents the primal force linking magic with destiny, he also represents Boddynoks youthful desire to tinker and create interesting and unusual gadgets.

Alignment: NG
Races who worship Evendar Timekeeper are gnome
Evendar Timekeeper is worshipped in Boddendell
Evendar Timekeeper is the god of Mechanics, Discovery, Knowledge, Time
Clerical Domains: Gnome, Craft, Magic, Knowledge, Time
Evendar Timekeeper is a member of the Gnomish Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen