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A minor deity of the untamed wilds
In life Fenris was an animal companion to Jerick, a druid of Sellador who ascended to godhood upon destroying an incarnation of Naresh. When Jerick ascended, his long time animal companion, an awakened wolf, also gained a potion of deific power.

Fenris is a minor deity, worshipped by a small cult of people in Sellador and Gideon. Generally worshippers of Fenris also pay at least some small service to Jerick; this also hold true in reverse.

While Jerick is more popular amongst the secret druidic cults of Sellador and Gideon, Fenris is usually more popular with the Rangers.

Races who worship Fenris are rangers, humans
Fenris is worshipped in Sellador, Gideon
Fenris is the god of Tracking, Loyalty, Rangers, Friendship
Clerical Domains: Family, Animal, Beastmaster, Good, Travel

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen