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The word of law, the will of truth.
Also known as Hadyan or Hadanae.

Hadun (pronounced Hahdoon) is one of the six primal deities of Geas which are believed to be responsible for the creation of the world.

Hadun has a working relationship with Azatoth, lord of Chaos. While he is seen as the force of civilization, Azatoth is seen as its destroyer.

As one of the eldermost deities Hadun does not have a favored weapon. Any effects relating to a deity's favored weapon instead grant one of the following benefits to the creature that would normally benefit from having a favored weapon. These benefits stack with themselves and other similar abilities granted by other sources and can be taken more than once.

+3 bonus on saves vs. law based attacks.
+1 to the DC of law based spells, supernatural abilities, and spell like abilities.
+3 bonus on diplomacy and sense motive checks when dealing with lawful creatures.
+5 bonus on knowledge checks relating to law.

Races who worship Hadun are all races
Hadun is worshipped in Geas
Hadun is the god of Justice, Sanity, Civilization, Rulership
Clerical Domains: Law, Tyranny, Creation
Hadun is a member of the Aeonae Secundus, Balance Of Forces

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen