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The body of the world
As one of the eldermost deities Ghea does not have a favored weapon. Any effects relating to a deity's favored weapon instead grant one of the following benefits to the creature that would normally benefit from having a favored weapon. These benefits stack with themselves and other similar abilities granted by other sources and can be taken more than once.

+3 bonus on saves vs. Acid and Earth based attacks.
+1 to the DC of Acid and Earth based spells, supernatural abilities, and spell like abilities.
Energy resistance of 5 vs. Acid and Earth.
+5 bonus on diplomacy and sense motive checks when dealing with Acid and Earth creatures.
+5 bonus on knowledge checks relating to Acid and Earth.

Ghea is worshipped in Geas
Ghea is a member of the Aeonae Primus, Balance Of Elements

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen