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Ancient mother of life and gods.
Daughter of Badur and mother to the devine aspect of Thral-Tep, Nephtet is the godess of the river Neph which brings life-giving water to the desert valleys of El-Alahd.Often depicted as a woman of youthful beauty, Nephtet is a quiet yet joyful goddess who enjoys seeing the fruits of her labor and those of her children, whom she considers to be all those who live in El-Alahd, especially those who depend upon the river Neph for their livelihood.Nephtet is a popular deity amongst housewives, farmers, and caregivers.The favored weapon of Nephtet is the sickle.

Races who worship Nephtet are humans
Nephtet is the god of The River Neph, Birth, Life, Renewal
Clerical Domains: Renewal, Family, Water, Moon
Nephtet is a member of the Aeonae Modus, Alahdian Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen