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The will of the universe itself
The Ourgos is also known as the Divine Will, the One Dreamer, and the Creator of All.

The Ourgos is the universe itself. The Ourgos is not a deity in the usual sense, as all deities sprang forth from the will of the Ourgos. The Ourgos is the will of the universe, the desire of all of creation to exist. No mortal mind, indeed, not even a deific mind could entirely comprehend the all that is the Ourgos, though that does not stop a few individuals from trying. The Ourgos cannot be communicated with; because every being, every object, every thing is a part of the Ourgos, attempting to communicate with it would be equivalent to talking to oneself. Even mortal beings with a concept of the Ourgos often worship more mundane deities, choosing to devote themselves to one aspect of the divine will rather than try to comprehend what mortal minds were never meant to know.

Worship of the Ourgos directly is very rare and almost entirely unknown. Religious scholars who have delved far into the pre-history of the universe are the most Common worshippers, if such a thing can be said. Elves, whose lifespans are long enough to allow them a glimpse of the overall power of the universe, are also prevalent.

Races who worship Ourgos are All Races
Ourgos is worshipped in Geas
Ourgos is the god of The Universe; All Of Existence
Clerical Domains: Creation, Mysticism, Mind

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen