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Aeonae Modus
The Recent Gods

From The Creation of Geas:

... The gods who were made after and from the Aeonae Tertius are the Aeonae Modus, the modern gods. These third-made gods concern themselves with those things that have come as a result of what had existed before them, such as light and darkness, fear and courage, and good and evil, which were born in the days of the Aeonae Eldra and even the days of the Tertius. These concepts they took as their own. Though these are immaterial they were yet the concern of the Aeonae Modus, who are driven by the dream of the ourgós.

They are no less a part of the will of the ourgós, but they were not made by the ourgós; they were made of the ourgós, and are hence still a part of its experience. This teaches us that all beings spring ultimately from the ourgós, for it is both the source of all existence and existence itself.

The Aeonae Modus operate in Geas
Members of the Aeonae Modus have included Basaric, Eloéle, Guédé, Hoarvath, Ia
Aeonae Modus is a part of the Aeonae Tertius

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen