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Aeonae Primus
First of the Elder Gods

From The Creation of Geas

So it came to pass that the universe grew to be aware of itself, its consciousness spawned from the very fabric of its own being. This new singular consciousness, called by the ancients the ourgós, was neither male or female, good or evil, dark or light, for such things had yet to come into being.

The ourgós waited in contemplation of itself for a length beyond understanding, for in the begining it lacked even language with which to describe itself. As the ourgós thought, it began to reflect upon itself and dream. In this dream the ourgós saw many things that might be, of shapes and matter.

And thus, upon awaking, the ourgós shaped parts of its unified will into the likeness of those things of which it had dreamt. Thought the labor of this was great, and ourgós soon returned to sleeping. So were made the first fire, water, air and earth, and these, being made from and infused with a portion of divine will, became the first Aeons, those beings that are today known as the gods. These Aeons were firstmade and are thus called the Aeonae Primus, the first gods.

The Aeonae Primus operate in Geas
Aeonae Primus is a part of the Aeonae Eldra

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen