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Aeonae Secundus
The Second Gods
From The Creation of Geas

...These first Aeons, being dissimilar in composition, immedietly took to conflict, and each, having the creative urges of their parent, sought to shape the universe about them into their own likeness. So it came to be that from this first war amongst the four gods and the influenced dreaming of ourgós were born the Aeons of order and chaos. The four were now tempered by the two, for the younger Aeons sought balance, for one could not exist without the other to define it. The four saw the wisom in this, and so was peace born. The two Aeons born from this will and time are thus called the Aeonae Secundus, the second gods. The six together are known as the Aeonae Eldra, the Elder gods.

The Aeonae Secundus operate in Geas
Aeonae Secundus is a part of the Aeonae Eldra

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen