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Aeonae Anteanus
The Ancient Gods
From The Creation of Geas

"...The Ourgos returned from its rest and beheld what the six had wrought and was both surprised and pleased. The Aeons had made works beyond the first imaginings of the Ourgos. In their harmony the four and the two had made a great world of great potential and imagining. The Ourgos descended to the world and found many things which inspired its mind. At each place of inspiration was a new Aeon born, for the Ourgos sought to experience this new world from many perspectives. So were made many new Aeons, and so the Ourgos slept to once again dream those things which the Aeons would do. These Aeons were the Aeonae Tertius, the third brood of the Ourgos. These gods are also known as the Aeonae Anteanus, and as the ancient gods, for their children are the deities of our world of mortals. Few of the ancient gods yet live today, having changed shapes and holdings over the countless deeps of time from the moment of their creation."

The Aeonae Anteanus operate in Geas

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen