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Aldaric Verdain
Ranger turned king turned ranger once more
As the story goes, the infant, Aldaric Verdain was sent away by his father, King Gallen Verdain. At the time, growing tensions between Gideon and the Church of Sellador, led his father to believe that some attempt would be made against the Verdain Family. In an attempt to protect the family line and the nation itself, Gallen secretly sent his youngest son, Aldaric, away with a trusted family friend, Horus. A several years later, Gideon fell into the hands of Sellador, as the Verdain Family was mysteriously murdered one night. The only member of the family who publically survived, was his brother, Daniel Meriton Verdain; though he was hunted as a suspect in his families death, by the church of Sellador itself.

Raised as a ranger, living far from noble houses and strife, Aldaric lived most of his early life with no knowledge of his family history, or past. In fact, it is even said that he initially denied his claim to Gideons throne, preferring to remain neutral. However, after many travels, and many more hardships, Aldaric finely came to believe that not only was he the rightful heir to the lost throne of Gideon, but that he had a responsibility to his people to make a claim to it.

Though much is unknown of the time between his leaving the Dynestra Woods where he was raised, and his taking up the banner of Gideon, it is said that he traveled with a group of heros who worked to suppress the re-emergence of the dark god, Naresh. All that is known, is that when Aldaric came to Gideon, to claim his throne, he was no longer a backwards boy of the woods, but a charismatic leader, ready to lay down his life for his people so that they might know freedom as he did.

A few years after taking his throne, Aldaric married a woman by the name of Aliandra Solineer, a merchants daughter who saved his life from an assassins bow. With her, Aldaric bore three children, one daughter, Serianna, and twin boys, Gailin Torele and Danyelle, named after his father and brother. Like them, neither child could be more different than the other.

Unfortunately, tragedy follows the Verdain Family name. In the year 3015, the assassins bow that Aliandra saved Aldaric from, took her life, only 10 years after she gave birth to their two sons. Only four years later his daughter Serianna was lost to the seas, while acting as an emissary to the people beyond the mists, which once surrounded Sellador and Gideon. Out of grief, Aldaric stopped taking an active stance against the armies of Sellador, whom still held part of Gideons border lands. Thus, for a time, a relative peace was known.

Now, more than eight years later, Aldaric has been forced into action, once more. Not only does the war against Sellador rage on, but it seems a new enemy from across the seas has emerged. An enemy his adviser Calahir knows all too well. Nolugar the Reaver; known more simply to some as, the Lich King.

To make matters worse, it seems that his son, Daniel has taken up arms as well, and leads the Selladorian armies as the dreaded Black Knight. Even with his son Gailin leading Gideons armies, its only a matter of time before the small nation state falls to its two enemies.

Perhaps in the days to come Aldaric will raise his blade in battle once more. So the story goes. A man turned hero, turned king, turns hero once more. Perhaps.

In 3028 AA Aldaric, now an old man, abdicated the throne of Gideon to his son, Gailin. He quickly fell from the public eye in the light of his charismatic sons distinct and pronounced rule. He is said to have returned to the woods of Dynestra, wandering his beloved wilderness in his age of twilight. The deity Jerick, once a mortal and friend to Aldaric, visits him from time to time, as the man who was king watches over and wanders through his beloved home.

Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Gideon, Sellador, Dynestra Woods
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Contributor: Drew Butler