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The general of the armies of Gideon.
Calahir was born ages ago in the year -170 A.A. He was one of very few humans who prooved themselves worthy enough to attend the elven military academies and train to become a knight and agent of the court of Tel-Tenauril.

In -193 A.A. one of the Orbs Of Tel-Tari were stolen by Nol'Quar, a powerful human necromancer. He was pursued by one of the queen's agents and a group of knights, including a Calahir. One by one Nol'Quar eliminated the knights and the aide untill only one, Calahir, was left. He pursued Nol'Quar into the blasted wastes of Kharse and was there trapped by a spell of Temporal Stasis.

In 2988 Calahir's hibernating form was unearthed by Gnomish archaeologists and revived by their magic. He joined the Heralds Of The Dawn and travelled with them on their many adventures. It was during these travels that he encountered Nolugar the Reaver, once known as Nol'Quar and Calahir's sworn foe.

Calahir, along with the other Heralds, battled with Naresh, using the body of Nolugar as its vessel, at Caer Airbhe-Fál, ultimately defeating him and shattering the power of Naresh the Destroyer.

It was during their journeys that it was discovered that Aldaric, a fellow travelling companion, was the rightful heir to the throne of Gideon. Feeling that he had acomplished his original mission Calahir swore an oath of fealty to King Aldaric and has been his most trusted military advisor ever since.

Alignment: LG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Gideon
Calahir is a member of the Heralds Of The Dawn

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald