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Mad wizard and master of deception
Sheriel is the magical might behind the Allstone Thieves Guild, an organization made up of humans and wererats. Sheriel proves the illusions and know how needed to dupe guards, open magical locks, and further the wealth of the guild.

Sheriel is slighly crazy, the result of a mind enhancing spell she was researching which went awry. She easily alternates between cold, cruel logic and playful childlike innocence.

After the Allstone Thieves Guild was disbanded by the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards, Sheriel fled with Kerick, the Guilds wererat leader. They later attempted to assasinate some of the hero's who had ruined them, but were captured in the process.

Alignment: CE
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Allstone
Sheriel is a member of the Allstone Thieves Guild

Contributor: Jacob McDonald