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Long estranged sorcerer of gold dragon descent
It's funny the way life has led me from where I began to where I am now. I was born into my family the second child. I had one wonderful sister and two of the greatest parents any decent Elf could hope for. We lived happily together until I was about forty-five, it was then that the world as I knew it would change for good. I had a nightmare of being blasted by fire, and burning to cinders right before my eyes. I woke with a rush of heat and found my family's home engulfed in flame. I jumped from the second story window of my room and fell to Geas with a sharp impact to my head causing this horrific experience to go black. I woke two days later to discover that I was now the sole survivor of the house of Magmar. Upon this news I welled with such anger and hatred that flame leapt from my hands. I was outcast for this. Accused of the murder of my entire family I was banished to the wilds of Geas never to return. Over the years I have learned much. I was enlightened to the fact that I'm a direct descendant of the ancient dragons. A gold one in fact, named Magmar. My body has been imbued with magical abilities thanks to my predecessor. I have the knack to make things happen by my will alone. While very entertaining it was definitely in need of control and discipline. So thusly I have spent many a year wandering the realms practicing with my knack and following my dreams. A lot of people think I'm crazy because I try to find the places I see in my dreams to help me find out more about the blood that courses through these veins. It's history, and it's future. And thusly so my tale begins here, at the edge of what used to be the greatest civilization in history. Sitting in this cramped and sullen Inn pondering how to slip into the blackness of the crater below.

Alignment: NG
Race: Sun Elf
Place of Origin: Tel-Tenauril
Dolartu is a member of the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear

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Contributor: Evan Menz