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At The Salty Dog Tavern
The meal was bad, and the drink tasted like the sea water just outside, but at least it wasn't trail rations. I was just starting my third ale when he walked in. The kid was obviously working for the Crown, and he was followed in by another kid and a guy decked out in armor. Looked combat ready. Green noticed too, so when the kid from the Crown started towards me, she stopped him and asked him about work.

Turns out he was the King's son. He told me he had work for me back at the capital, but all I heard were coins falling in my purse. It was about then that the kid who was following the Prince charged this old guy and tried to stab him with a wooden dagger.

So, as if the Prince of Gideon wandering in to a rough and tumble bar on the bad side of Allstone, a thief asking him for work, him giving me work, and two weird guys following him around wasn't weird enough, now it turns out the old guy is a zombie. Not one to take these sort of things lying down, I proptly dispatched the walking corpse.

After questioning a witness, I found out there were at least 30 more walking dead about to lay seige to Allstone. I foolishly told the Prince about it, and he went charging off to The Docks to confront them. I wasn't about to miss that kind of action... or lose out on the gold I'd been promised for whatever mission the kid had for me. The younger kid (who turned out to be a Druid) and the armored man (who turned out to be a Priest) followed us, and Green wasn't too far behind. I think she wanted to make sure the Prince stayed alive too.

Out on The Docks, the zombies attacked. Of course I had to rush after the Prince again to help him take down the stupid things, but at least he knew his way around his sword.

So there we were, standing in this sinister fog, dead zombies on the dock, more all around us in the water, several of our number hurt, and here comes the one to top 'em all. The skelleton of a pirate in a cage lumbering towards us. I was pretty fed up with the whole situation at this point, so I charged the thing and tried to take it's head off.

Didn't quite work like that, and I got a claw across my chest for my trouble. The Priest and Green both chipped in, but it took two powerful blows from the Prince and I to kill the damn thing. After that, it was up to the city watch to kill the rest of the zombies. It was an all night battle, but we beat them, the fog lifted, and all was right again.

Well, 'cept for the 40 or so rotting corpses on the beach, but that's what carrion birds are for, right?

On to the capitol then, to see what job is so important and secretive that the king needs to hire mercs like Green and I.

From the journal of Sir Aeric Of Dhoesone

Contributor: Jacob McDonald