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My Head Hurts
Did I say that orcs were almost as bad as gnolls?

I must have mis-spoke. Orcs are worse. They're smarter, and they know what they're doing when they kill humans and eat them. I shudder just thinking about it.

The orc outpost was rife with danger. Gigantic wolves, ogers, tiny demons... it was a nightmere. The number of orcs that fell to out blades were many, but two imparticular stand out in my memory.

The first was a berserker. We came upon a training pit in the center of the cave, and killed all the orcs that were watching two of their own train. I killed the first of the training orcs, but the second beckoned me into the pit, and hefted his own sword, so much like mine.

We exchanged blows, but my blade was faster. He fell with a manical smile on his face, satisfied with the one that had felled him. Barbaric race, these orcs. I took his sword as my prize, even as my head started to pound with the pain of his blow. As I used Blacktounge Gnollslayer to kill the gnolls that slaugtered my village, I'll use this sword, which I named Skull Spliter Orc's Bane, to kill these orcs and avenge the people of Tuallen.

The second orc that stood out was a spell caster. I killed him swiftly, even as he begged for his life. I wanted to burn his library or scrolls, but the others wouldn't let me. The pain in my head incressed.

We found the cell block where the prisoners were being held, and found also that they had tunnled their way out. We trailed them to a large set of doors at the very back of the cave. Strange runes around the door told us of some ancient race that lived deep within the earth. The doors wouldn't budge, and the runes were unreadable, until Raen put on a strange belt we had found, and spoke in a langage none of us knew. The doors opened.

We've made camp now, and as I write this, my headache is getting worse. I'll ask Raen for a spell to aliviate pain in a moment. We're venturing after the prisoners, through the doors, as soon as we're rested.

From the journal of Sir Aeric Of Dhoesone

Contributor: Jacob McDonald