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My Father's brother, Uncle Eldren is getting on in years now. Almost 55 now. He still has time left though, to finish raising his brood. All nine of them. His wife and my aunt, Amara, is several years younger then him, only 46 this year. She's always been a kind and caring woman, an excellent mother and devoted wife.

Their oldest child, Einar, celebrated his 28th year just a few months ago. He heads Fartherwalls malitia, and helps his father on the far when he's not taking care of those matters. He and his wife Ingrid have not had any children and don't plan to... quite the sore spot with Amara.

The next oldest at 25 is Laile, a spunky girl if there ever was one. She refused to get married at a young age, and several years ago she opened her own seamstress shop, repairing everything from torn clothes to damaged leather armor. She's a wonder with a needle and thread, and works leather like no one I've ever seen.

Two more sons followed her. Alden, 22, and Rodel, 21. Only a year apart and yet so different. Alden is a tall straping man, a woodcutter by trade, and his brother is shorter, thin, and the towns scribe. He learned to read and write from one of the Village Elders when he was young, and took over the mans position when he died.

Another girl, Mara, comes next. 18 years old, and getting married in a little under two months. Amara's pride and joy, she reminds me strongly of her mother.

The next two are the twins. May the Gods save us all from them. Never has there been a pair of bigger scraps then these two 16 year old boys, Calder and Dekker. Green would get along well with them, which is really all that needs to be said about that.

The last two children came as something of a suprise to Uncle Eldren. Gavin, named after my Father, is 9 years old, and Aeric, named after me, is 8 this year. Eldren was still feeling the loss of his only brother and his oldest nephew (they thought I was dead at that point) keenly, and named his last two sons after us.

It's a large family, and the only one I have left. I don't plan on letting anything happen to them... I've already lost my Father, Mother, and three brothers... I don't plan to lose any more.

From the journal of Sir Aeric Of Dhoesone

Contributor: Jacob McDonald