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The End Of The Begining
I wandered Sellador and Gideon for 11 years as a merc. I was in some good units, and some bad ones, but I always made it out of the battle alive. Some of my comrades weren't so lucky.

I've seen death on the battle field before. I've seen men trampled by horses, skewered by spears, beheaded, disembowled... you name it. It's a grisly life out on the front lines... I've seen many men die... but it was different this time.

When Gailin took his final swing, and left his left side open, I knew it was over. I could see the... thing... reaching out it's claw even before I swung my sword in a vain attempt to distract it. It just... punched through his chest and ripped out his heart. Just like that, Gailin was dead.

Like I said, I've seen many a man die in battle before, but none so... noble as Gailin. He was truely a good man. A little headstrung now and then, but who am I to find fault in that? I learned kindness from Gailin, and humanity... I'm not just another mercinary anymore... he showed me that I can be more then that.

Now... now we press on. Gailin's death closes what I see as the first part of our quest, but it also opens the next door. I wont rest until we find a way to get that shard of evil out of Veridean's heart... Gailin went down fighting, like he would have wanted to, but I see the need now to keep living. We have a job to do, and by every God that will listen, I swear we will get it done. I will get it done, even if the others fall or give up, I have to press on. For Gailin's memory, for Veridean's future, for the fate of the world, and for my destiny.

From the journal of Sir Aeric Of Dhoesone

Contributor: Jacob McDonald