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The King!
Well I am on the road again. The girls name is Veridean, and though she seems strange, and dangerous I am drawn to her, she seems more like me than any other person I have yet to meet. As amazing as it may seem I am now traveling with the prince of Gideon himself which is an astounding honor. I have met the king, and his advisors. We are going to be staying in the Kings camp for a few days i presume while the issue of tualend is resolved. What role we may take I do not know, but I am excited to see what may happen. What luck one day I am looking for a place to be a group to fit into, and though I may not be able to tell if I fit in yet, I beleive it will work out in the end.

Now to tell you a bit about my comrades. The Prince, Gailin Is a bit pushy though thats to be expected I suppose, and he has a very noble if somewhat shortsighted set of values. The brute who killed the guards in the city is well a brute. Standing nearly a foot taller than myself he is a giant of a man. He must be at least 7 years older than the rest of us, but he seems to not be any wiser for his years. Another man is with us his name is Reign, and he is a Cleric of Jerick. Though a cleric he seems to be quite able to deal out his fair share of death. A wicked chain, and a little magic make him quite a companion to have. and finally we come to Veridean. I can't quite place her race, but she isn't a natural human. I believe her to be a rogue, but she does keep some usual company for a rogue. I am excited for this night, and the following days. I am not clear on politics, and diplomacy, but i do hope that i can be of some service. Now its time for rest, I need to be at my best in the morning.

From the journal of Jaxom

Contributor: Joey Zilka