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It has been quite awhile since I have written in you eh? I decided that this journal would be used exclusivly for my travels with the Prince of Gideon, and the others. Now that I have somewhat the backing of a kingdom I can afford to play some with my gold that I earned. After that whole ordeal we were welcomed by the kingdom, and given alot of gold, and treasure for our troubles. Also the Dwarves are trading with humans, and that is extremely beneficial. Their wears excede the quality of most of ours by quite a bit. I have been wandering around this courtyside for a while now. Going to the dwarven city to buy some goods, and incidentally I ran into Raen there. He hasd learned much about crafting,a nd is becoming a bit dwarven himself if I can say so. We spoke breifly about him crafting something for me, but i decided nto to try him out yet. I'll let him learn a bit longer before giving up my hard earned gold. Enough of that though the reason I brought this journal back out is that I have resieved a message that all of us are to appear before the king in a short while. I'm excited that perhaps he might have another quest for us. I have become bored learning how to fit into society again. I think I'm better off with this group than in society as a whole. I don;t like most of these people. They just seem so uninterested in all the wonderful things around them. They fail to see the excitment even in my magical cloak. Ah well. Its time I got to packing I suppose so that I can be in town ahead of time,a nd find out what I can. I'm not sure if the prince wholly trusts me yet, so it might be beneficical I think to poke around on my own before the meeting with the king.

From the journal of Jaxom

Contributor: Joey Zilka