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Adventures In Allstone
We have travelled the road to Allstone. Or first stop to find Dean was to go to the wizardry school that he actually started. I had never been to a wizard school before, and found the entire thing to be nondramatic, and predictable. Lots of disorganized people wearing stupid hats. Most especiall the Dean of the schools office was cluttered, and a huge mess. Though he had quite a few interesting looking books in his office. he snapped at me when i opened one though so i guess I'll have to figure out a different way to get all that information. Silly wizards, and thier spellbooks. Its not magic its simply reading with them. Anyways we didn't learn anything mucy fvrom the wizard Dean, though he said he would look through the old records, so we're stuck at square one.

I'm going with Veridean in a moment to her place. I guess she lives in Allstone, or used to. she seems nervous about being here thought. I find that odd, but shes been doing alot of odd things lately so it could all be the disease. I hope we find Dean soon. Veridean was such a good companion. this disease seems to be making her a little too crazy for me to feel comfortable with her. The prince won't let her wander without someone with her. She has chosen me to go with her. I'm not sure whether she thinks I'm better to have with her, or if she thinks she can slip away from me more readily remains to be seen. I am thankful to get out of this tavern though. Raen, and Aeric have been brawling as usual. Well I should say Aeric has been brawling, and Raen seems to get mixed up in it. I also want to see the other areas of Allstone. I've never made it to Allstone before,a nd it looks like I made a mistake not coming heere sooner. I could have made a fortune finding work in this town. Oh well Its better working for the king anyway.

From the journal of Jaxom

Contributor: Joey Zilka