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Thieving Rats
The Prince's Lack of finesse in matters has come to a head in the past couple of days. First he runs off to Chase a shady fellow who apparently insulted Ms. Veridean. Then later that evening he is atacked in his room, and nearly dies, but of course he goes after his attacker immmediatly. we try to go after him, and a very confusing chain of events that even now isn't clear in my head. Turns out the Man is a former counterpart of Verideans and hge offered her a job. She or course chose working with us over him, but he mentions a ransom, and then we believed he might have Gailins brother Danielle. So of course we rushed out to town, called the town guards,a nd invaded what had been the thieve guilds building. But of course being thieves they weren't there. Veridean, and I hung back while the big guys plowed into the building, and made fools of themselves. The Cleric showed up with the town guard, and Veridean, and I tried hiding in each other shadows. Then we gathered our wits a bit, and Veridean went the next day to collect information.

She found out that the thieves had moved to a farmhouse outside of town, and so we went there. It seemed to be deserted, and I stayed outside until Giant Rats came out of the walls. We fought the Rats, and thought that was it until Ms. Green, and pale found an entrance into a tunnel system under the house. We entered, and fought a great many thieves that were in actuality wererats themselves. We fought hard, and well, and we eventually was able to recover danielle, and Veridean's former friend ran from us. We did find quite a few interesting treasures though. I now have eleven book of arcane knowledge, and several wands. Lots of gold, and some interesting amulets. We took danielle back to Verdain Keep, and had everything we found identified. And actually Danielle decided to travel with us for a time.

I'm excited about both princes of Gideon traveling with us. We are back on the road, looking for Dean. Hopefully we can find him soon. Veridean seems to be getting worse with every passing day. I also hope Danielle will be able to supress Gailin's stupid urges.

From the journal of Jaxom

Contributor: Joey Zilka