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Dwarf, Gold
Desert dwelling dwarves of Uruluk
Also known as Bronze Dwarves or Desert Dwarves amongst their Shield Dwarf cousins.

Gold dwarves are the desert dwelling cousins of the shield dwarves. The are similar in many ways to shield dwarves, such as their love of war, trade and the clan.

Gold dwarves tend to drink less than shield dwarves due to the nature of their dry desert surroundings, though they still enjoy a good mug of ale.

Due partly to the mysticism of nearby El-Alahd, gold dwarves tend to be more religious and reserved than the shield dwarves.

As a result of the network of portals that have been established between Citadel and Uruluk, the gold dwarves and shield dwarves intermingle freely. Each subrace of dwarf is welcome in the others land.

Gold dwarves have deep bronze colored skin and black hair. Their eyes range from black to various metalic colors.

Racial adjustment for gold dwarves is as per gold dwarves in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.

Dwarf, Gold are most commonly found in Uruluk, El-Alahd, Citadel
Dwarf, Gold is a subgroup of Dwarf

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen