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The Worlds Suffering
Journal 06 of the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear
My whole life I've been a part of something, but its always been such a small purpose in comparison to the one which I serve now. Is it possible that by helping others in need, I somehow can fulfill my purpose in a greater way than by being so single minded.

This whole time I've been so focused on the end result of our journey, and just getting there, that I had forgotten the journey itself. I had forgotten the people along the way that cannot help themselves in all ways. There is genuine need in the world, suffering that can be eased in ways that do not include mercy killing.

Perhaps it is the small things we can do for others that really do help the most.

I almost believe now that perhaps my purpose here was far more than to recover the lost shards of the crystal tear. Perhaps there is much more that we can do between now and then. People whom we can help.

Back in the garden it was understood that the strong protected the weak, but their were so few of us that it seemed a very small thing. It was our purpose. Our only purpose.

Here though, the world seems much larger. There are more people than I could have ever imagined, and apparantly I've only seen a small portion of Tel-Tenauril. So many people. I know I can't help everyone of them, but I will do what I can to ease the suffering of those I meet.

From the journal of Jacques

Contributor: Drew Butler