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Sight Beyond Sight [Exalted]
Virtue reveals the world to the blind

Prerequisites: Good alignment, Wisdom 15+, Character permanently blinded

Benefits: The character gains the ability to view the magical essence of the world around them in leiu of normal vision. The character gains vision in a 60 foot radius around them as a supernatural ability that is activated at will as a standard action.

They can still see normal non-magical objects, as magic courses through all objects of the world, but cannot see items cloaked with an anti-magical aura such as an object concealed by Nystulís Magical Aura or within a dead magic zone. This vision behaves in all regards as if the character had Darkvision and is blocked by anything that would totally block normal vision such as a solid obstruction. A character with this feat also gains a +2 circumstance bonus on saving throws against illusions with a visual aspect.

If the character ever regains their normal sight they instead gain darkvision but loose all other benefits of this feat, such as the 60 foot radius all around vision and saving throw against illusions. This feat does not prevent the character from being flanked or from suffering damage from a sneak attack.

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen