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Two ships, a storm, and an island
Despite becoming shipwrecked in our voyage to the human lands, despite washing ashore upon the island of a powerful necromancer whose minions at every turn sought to make us a part of their army, despite losing some of our precious gear and despite Arangil almost dying, as tragic as that was, my mind was still weighed most heavily by matters that took place before we left.

During our few days in the city of Celembril itself, my family was nowhere to be seen. The estate was in good repair, but completely deserted. My parents were nowhere to be seen, nor my brothers & sisters, nor even the servants. Though most of my traveling companions did not find this particularly odd, it is most definitely out of the normal course of events for my family to leave the estate not only completely empty, but unguarded and unkempt as well.

I asked after my sister Emlan at one of the Garanlyon posts, and it seems that she was seen the night before we had arrived in Celembril; no one, however, has seen her since. So, too, was it with my brother Durtaril. Arangil alleged to have had converse with him the night previous, but he has not been seen since, either.

It may well be no more than idle fancy or the product of our somewhat dark adventures, but even now, as we sail on a stolen ship from the blasted and dead island, I am given to think of little more than my beloved family. I suspect some form of foul play afoot, even, perhaps, the woman who has been after the shard. I've little doubt that she would not consider it beneath her to take my family in hopes of getting what she has been otherwise unable to obtain, but I would doubt she'd be able to do it on her own. My parents and siblings would certainly not be taken easily, even if caught unawares. Though it does my heart little good, I shall have to turn my mind toward the tasks at hand, for we will soon be reaching the barbarous lands of humankind.

Associated Regions: Celembril, Isle Of Ruin
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz