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Xandros The Mighty
Slightly mad wizard, formerlly of Lloleyn
Also known as Horace Merryweather, Xandros took his new name to inspire fear and respect from those around him.

A student of the mystic arts at the old wizard school of Lloleyn, Xandros always lacked in his studies and thus fell behind his peers, such as Bastion Silverhand.

He was absent from Lloleyn when it was destroyed by the mountain of fire in 2984 AA and quickly his himself away to avoid the inquisition of the rampaging Church of Aesia. During his seclusion he stumbled upon burried secrets long hidden away from the rest of Sellador, that of the existence of the Genesis Crystal. Bending his arcane might to the task he was able to locate and retreive one of the six fragments of the shattered crystal.

His magical research throughout the next decade taught him how to use the crystal to bend reality, but in doing so he slowly began to lose his mind to the sheer complexity of the task.

Xandros became convinced that he was the rightful ruler of Sellador. To prove this, he would have to claim the Scepter Of Kings, an ancient relic that was once used to prove ascension to the throne of Sellador in the days before the rule of the church. Deducing that the Sce[ter was once kept in the church's vaults beneath Lloleyn, he quickly set about to recreate the entire city, using the fragment of the Genesis Crystal in his posession, in a desperate and half-mad attempt to find the Scepter.

His crazed plans were put to a halt in 3025 when, guided by fate, both the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear and the Gideon Mercenary Corp found their way into the false Lloleyn seeking artifacts that were in his posession. In the ensuing combat Xandros was killed and both the crystal shard and scepter were taken from him.

Alignment: CN
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Sellador
Xandros The Mighty is a member of the Lloleyn School Of The Arcane

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen